OCT. 9


» Why a survey
» Who will see it
» How to do it
» Next steps

Bargaining Surveys Online

Speak up
We urge you to talk to your stewards and bargaining reps, and to come out to the meetings we'll be having in the weeks and months ahead. But with formal bargaining soon to begin, we'd like to hear what you think is most important for us to achieve in a new contract. This survey is one way to help tell us that.

Only union employees and your elected executive and bargaining representatives will see what you have to say. While we may decide to share broad survey results with fellow Guild members or the company, your privacy will be protected. We are hoping to get a sense of how you feel as a group, or as a department, not as any one individual. We are asking you to tell us who you are, however.

How to do it
We'd like you to do this online, through your local Guild website. It's simple and will only take a few minutes. You go to http://www.song.on.ca/members_toronto_star.html and click on Online Bargaining Survey. If you absolutely prefer doing the survey by paper, just print it out, or have a friend do it for you, and get it to your bargaining rep, listed below. Please do this survey on your own time.

Next steps
We are going to analyze these surveys starting Oct. 15, so you only have this short week to complete this easy task. Much else is happening: We held a large gathering of Guild stewards on Oct. 4, have filed formal notice to bargain, and are planning a big general membership meeting for you to attend on Nov. 1. More on all this and what it means in our next bulletin.

Guild Bargaining Committee
Unit Chair: Maureen Dawson
Editorial: Dan Smith and Valerie Hauch (alternate)
Circulation: Steve Gjorkes and Jeff Bodrucky (alternate)
Finance: Cathie Nichols and Dawn Armstrong (alternate)
Advertising: Elizabeth Marzari and Dijana Maderic (alternate)
Thestar.com: Craig Wattie and Tony Camara (alternate)
Pre-Press: Lester Veszlenyi and Lorraine Wohlgemuth (alternate)