OCT. 13


» Notice to Bargain served
» Company offers extension
» Why we said no
» Next steps

Ready and waiting

Notice given
As noted briefly in our previous bulletin, we have filed a formal Notice to Bargain with the company. This is a legal step that means bargaining should begin soon, likely later this month. We are ready to begin but the company has given us no dates so far.

A one-year offer
Even though bargaining hasn't started, the company has proposed a one-year extension to our existing contract. It offered a cost-of-living wage increase of between 1.5 and 3 per cent, and required the Guild to spend all of 2008 working with the company on ways to reduce costs.

Guild response
We have rejected the offer, because it isn't in your best interest. Briefly:
1. A period of stand-pat labour stability is a good thing but 12 months is far too short.
2. We won't spend much of 2008 in a kind of drawn-out round of concession talks, then face the company's agenda in an immediate round of bargaining anyway.
3. Some of your concerns need to be dealt with now, not put off.
4. If the company intends to try to reduce our benefits and working conditions, we'd much prefer to have that debate now.

Next steps
Please complete those surveys (see Bulletin #2) and get ready for our general membership meeting Nov 1. More on that and other matters soon.

Guild Bargaining Committee
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