OCT. 30


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» Conciliation next
» Guild meets Nov. 1
» Machinists vote

Patience has limits

Silence isn't golden
As we've told you earlier, we sent the company our formal notice to bargain on Oct. 3. They were required by law to set a date to begin bargaining within 15 days. They didn't bother to get back to us until Oct. 26, well past the deadline. This is not helpful, and rather rude.

Conciliation next
We have a choice: We can let the company decide how and when this critical round of bargaining will take place, or we can insist on a prompt timetable. Delaying is not in your best interest. We plan to file for provincial conciliation this week. Maybe this will get things moving.

Meeting Thurs. Nov. 1
But first, we'd like to hear what you have to say about all this. We'd also like to share first-hand our agenda, and what we've learned about the company's agenda. We'd like to have a good debate about why, for example, we feel so strongly that a one-year stand-pat contract extension, as the company has proposed, is a bad idea. (The publisher's missive this week reveals much: Management wants to negotiate "cost structure issues" - that means concessions, as in lower wages, benefit cuts and reduced working conditions - but on its terms.) We hope to see you all on Thursday Nov. 1 at 5.30 p.m. at the Westin Hotel (Harbour Ballroom B and C), across from 1 Yonge.

Next steps
Meanwhile, the machinists' union has quietly voted to accept a one-year contract extension, one that will piggyback on whatever terms we negotiate, just like the Teamsters at the plant. Find out more on Thursday.

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