NOV. 5


» United crew
» Dates being set
» Conciliation requested
» Timetable

And we're off at last... almost

A good launch
We were delighted to see more than 200 of you come out Thursday night, Nov. 1, to deliver an endorsement of our no-delay strategy in these negotiations. You approved our rejection of the company's loaded one-year extension offer. You also stood behind our other priorities: A fair wage increase. No concessions. Inclusion of the dozen lower-paid employees of in our main contract. An end to the commission sales experiment in advertising that continues to damage our newspaper. Fixes to the flaws in the way the company handles part-timers and its mismanagement of sick leave and related health issues.

Surprise, surprise
Just minutes after our Nov. 1 meeting ended, the company finally sent across some tentative November and December bargaining dates. It now appears formal bargaining will begin around Nov. 19. We'll keep you posted.

Conciliation requested
As was discussed Nov. 1, we have filed our request for the services of a provincial conciliator. This is a necessary step to keep pressure on the company to bargain now.

Watching the calendar
We don't want a dispute. We believe labour stability is what our newspaper needs. As discussed, we believe our bargain-now agenda is the best route to that goal. This also means "crunch time" - when decisions about lockouts or strikes may have to be made - could arrive in early January. Please keep that in mind when considering major purchases or big financial decisions.

Guild Bargaining Committee
Unit Chair: Maureen Dawson
Editorial: Dan Smith and Valerie Hauch (alternate)
Circulation: Steve Gjorkes and Jeff Bodrucky (alternate)
Finance: Cathie Nichols and Dawn Armstrong (alternate)
Advertising: Elizabeth Marzari and Dijana Maderic (alternate) Craig Wattie and Tony Camara (alternate)
Pre-Press: Lester Veszlenyi and Lorraine Wohlgemuth (alternate)